Whisky  is life… and just as life weaves its own unique story, so do the whiskies created by distillers. From cask to bottle, stories of whisky continue to be woven into the lives of many… a gift to mark the birth of a child, coming of age, a wedding, or sharing a glass in remembrance of a loved one lost. The intimacy in the spirit of whisky, in centuries old tradition emotively reaches into lives with distinctive  aromas and flavour profiles.

At Fleurieu Distillery, our barrels created are named as well as numbered.  Being named they slowly become entities their own unique way.  In the melding of barrels as we vat them, each of our releases speak to us of different things.  Through this blog I thought I’d share the backgrounds of our newest whiskies. Each story is unique to the whisky and speaks of how it came to be or of the significance of the particular expression.

Our releases included peated and unpeated whiskies and we are excited to say, all gained medal recognition at the 2018 Australian Distilled Spirts Awards in Melbourne. Here are snippets of their stories below…


Bogart & Bacalltwo peated barrels destined to be together.

Bogart & Bacall: Gold Medal – Peated Whisky ADSA 2018

This peated single malt whisky bears the renowned names of Bogart & Bacall.  At the Fleurieu Distillery we barrel-up our new make spirit in pairs, naming the barrels after famous couples. Here then is Bogart and Bacall, our heavily peated pair named after the smoky, smouldering, legendary couple from the golden years of Hollywood. We hope you enjoy this sherry barrel matured, heavily peated malt that captures the passion from which it was made.



Atlantic Crossing -long journeys to far away places…

Atlantic Crossing:  Silver Medal ADSA 2018

A year ago we crossed our Rubicon, a point of no return in our journey from brewery to distillery.  We aptly named our second release after that significant milestone.  Here then is our Atlantic Crossing.  It is the point in our journey where we sail into uncharted deep and dark waters in search of the Promised Land, with first shipments overseas to new markets and new horizons.  This single malt is burnt amber in colour and rich in our signature salted caramel style with just a hint of smoke. May Atlantic Crossing accompany and inspire you on your next voyage of discovery.



A Heart of Gold is to date our only single cask release.

A Heart of Gold: Bronze Medal ADSA 2018    

He rode in on his motorcycle one day.  An affable stranger with a generous nature who took a personal interest in what we were trying to achieve. Purely through a desire to help a small family owned business he offered to purchase a barrel.  His patronage when we were totally unknown, motorcycle visits, trust and ongoing encouragement have meant so much to us. Here then is that single cask and our homage to our altruistic friend with A Heart of Gold.  We hope you have the opportunity to enjoy this special release with friends old and new.