Marvellous Melbourne!

A massive thank you Melbourne for three fabulous days! Ben Baranow, thank you for inviting Fleurieu Distillery to Whisky & Dreams, it was a fantastic event to be part of. A wonderful venue at Starward and amazing team behind the scenes made it so welcoming for exhibitors and guests. You must be enormously proud. Fleurieu [...]

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Sometimes the hardest decisions are best made over a cup of tea…

The words in this title certainly rang true for me on my last trip to Melbourne.  Over the last 2 years I have been able to immerse myself in a different industry and have a more hands on role in our Distillery. Stepping back from a long term career in teaching and doing something so [...]

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A Spirited Australian Journey

Kokoda... who in Australia doesn't know the significance of this place? We decided to give away bottle number one of our American Distilling Institute Best International Whisky trophy winner River's End to five adventurous blokes willing to take on the Kokoda challenge.  Whisky was the link for us with these guys.  James Marsh a fellow [...]

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Australian Women In Distilling

Diversity and balance in any industry is important for its success.  The distilling industry while still in its infancy within Australia is changing rapidly. In the next two years many more distilleries will come on line in production of a range of spirits including vodka, gin, whisky and rum.  As distilleries increase so too will [...]

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Celebrating Furry Companions

Renovations overseer - Gidget checks out the new deck in 2006 Furry four legged friends in the production area whether it be winery, brewery or distillery are often silent companions in the day to day routine of life.  Words don’t readily capture the impact they have on the lives and well-being of those [...]

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Whisky and Beer Collaboration

Our First Release and the Lobethal Bierhaus' barrel aged Choc Stout from the same barrel. Great things come from collaborations, and this little drop from Alistair and Rose Turnbull is just that. The success of collaborations can mean even more when you have a shared history and friendship.  In 2006 when we first [...]

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Change is Afoot…

Futura labeller Our pride and joy from our early days of brewing was a Meheen 4 head counter pressure bottling line and a Futura OMB labeller.  Last week we said good bye to our bottling line and labeller as it was wheeled out of the Distillery onto trailers to their new home in [...]

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