In our ‘Barrels of Gratitude’ series it has been our honour to highlight people who have made an impact on our business and also on our personal whisky journey.  Today we are recognising someone who has been pivotal in the Sydney whisky scene not just for us but for many Australian whisky distillers.

The wonderful thing about unexpected invitations is they open doors you hadn’t anticipated.  An invitation to go Sydney was one of those!


Scott Fitzsimons

While initial whisky links had been made in Melbourne and Adelaide, Fleurieu whisky was still an unknown in New South Wales.  Scott was our initial contact and connector in Sydney.  His genuine passion to connect Sydneysiders with local product and the distillers behind the brand changed all that for us.

Within the Australian whisky scene, the Oak Barrel Whisky Fair is a key event.  When the invitation came through to showcase our whisky not only at the Fair but also at the Distiller’s Show Case Dinner in Sydney, we felt honoured to be able to participate.  Whether you have met him personally at the Oak Barrel or online, Scott’s whisky knowledge and personal connection to distillers is based on a strong ethic of being able to supply great whisky to the people of Sydney.  Having someone championing Australian spirits in this sort of way is powerful for any small producer.

On the phone, or at the bar sharing a Pinot, after the whisky show, Scott, your pearls of wisdom on the industry are insightful  and thought provoking.  Thank you for your wry sense of humor and laconic perspective on the ever-changing landscape that is all things whisky. We love the fresh perspective we gain from our ongoing conversations with you!  Looking forward to sharing a dram from this barrel in the years to come.  Cheers to you Scott!


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