The Barrels of Gratitude Series recognises those who have made an impact on our whisky journey. Joining the incredible individuals highlighted so far, Graham Wright and Jose Dymenstein are two amazing characters who have provided both grounding and philosophic direction in what we are trying to achieve.


As an importer of quality spirits  who has worked extensively to create and curate an exciting collection of spirits available in Melbourne, Jose has been a wealth of knowledge…

Jose, we feel privileged that you continually open your heart and doors to walk us through such varied whisky history and styles. Thank you for your visiting us and for hosting us at Casa deVinos. We love meeting up with you at whisky shows around Australia. Conversations and tastings are always memorable and thought provoking. We appreciate your hospitality, knowledge and kindness. Your ability to place the Australian scene in a global perspective so we can further clarify goals, is truly important to us.

Without an understand of what you are hoping to achieve, you cannot develop and nurture a plan – and you have helped us to do this. Thank you, Jose for your part in clearing the waters.


Long before drinking (let alone purchasing online) whisky became a fashionable ‘lifestyle choice’ in Australia, Graham was championing good malts. Even he admits that in the beginning ‘you could hardly even give it away’.  How times change…

Graham is a pioneer of online sales in our industry. Backed by his wealth of knowledge and experience from his ‘Odd Bins’ days (a story within itself), he could write a book of wisdom on sales in our vast land.

From our very first release, Graham recognised what it was we had set out to achieve. He understood good whisky has a sense of place, that we were trying to produce something that spoke of where it came from and the philosophy behind it, and in his own way encouraged us to follow that path. Countless times we have ‘sidled up’ to Graham seeking his opinion on questions about the industry, both nationally and globally, to achieve our next goal.

Graham Wright, thank you!

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