As this is our 13th and final post on Barrels to Gratitude, it seems fitting to introduce and end with Ben McHugh.

It is like coming full circle… Ben has been there before we opened officially to the public and will very likely still be here when we have collapsed with exhaustion.  That’s how reliable he is!

In all likelihood you will never meet Ben McHugh.  He is though, one of the key people in the running list of any brew day. We love you Ben!

While dedicated hospitality workers in whisky bars are clocking off in the darkest coldest part of mornings, Ben is prepping for the day’s first milking run.  He’s bringing in cows into the milking yard and looking at the day ahead and working collaboratively in managing other farming interests with family. For over 15 years without fail, Ben has delivered empty grain bins to us as a brewery and distillery.  At the end of brew days he then collects grain filled bins and has carted thousands of tons of barley to feed some very happy cows.

Thank you Ben and the McHugh family for on the ground support in a very real way. Your support in every way has enabled us to aim high.


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