One woman’s journey into whisky…

In recognition of all women who work within the whisky industry – thank you ladies for your pioneering spirit!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's the go with the logo? The Story Behind the Fountain of Youth The five second version... The logo image is based on the historic 400 year old fountain statue ‘Manneken Pis’ or ‘Le Petit Julien'.  For those who have an art or history background or have travelled - their instant recognition of the connection to the tiny Belgian statue is engaging. For us this logo encapsulates our family when we first began distilling [...]

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Barrels of Gratitude #13

As this is our 13th and final post on Barrels to Gratitude, it seems fitting to introduce and end with Ben McHugh. It is like coming full circle... Ben has been there before we opened officially to the public and will very likely still be here when we have collapsed with exhaustion.  That's how reliable he is! In all likelihood you will never meet Ben McHugh.  He is though, one of the key people in [...]

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Barrels of Gratitude 12

What is whisky without those who bring us together and challenge us.  Today we celebrate two people who have done both of these and so much more.  Thank you Craig and Nicholas your input to our journey has been invaluable. While we have endeavoured  to include photos of those we are recognising, we haven't for Nicholas as he is currently working overseas and we are hoping he stays safe in these turbulent times. Craig Daniels [...]

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