Building, testing and a bit of family fun…

The closures and quieter weeks have also had benefits in being able to tackle and complete projects with less distractions.  Fleurieu Distillery’s chief cook and bottle washer created a new ‘toy’ for us. This twelve head bottle washer is the latest innovation from the ingenuity of one Gareth Andrews and his programming and plumbing prowess.  [...]

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Stirring to Agitating

Saying goodbye to mashing in with our stainless steel paddle signals the end of an era. For thirteen years our grain has been stirred in by hand on brew day, majority of those by Brewer Pete. Instead, perched on the mash tun, is a geared motor powering a stainless steel agitator. After thirteen years of [...]

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Up She Rises!

Not enough can be said about the skills of lateral thinking and problem solving. In life, solutions are not always apparent initially. The ability to be able to tackle and wrestle issues as they arise and come up with workable solutions is certainly a strength. Soooo... what do you do when a much larger still [...]

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When Whisky is Life…

Whisky  is life… and just as life weaves its own unique story, so do the whiskies created by distillers. From cask to bottle, stories of whisky continue to be woven into the lives of many... a gift to mark the birth of a child, coming of age, a wedding, or sharing a glass in remembrance [...]

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Early Morning Distillation

We have a bird outside our bedroom window... I'm not sure what kind it is, but it insists on waking everyone around 5 in the morning.  On week days it isn’t so bad as distilling begins early for us on these crisp winter mornings and once you’re up, you do see the best parts of [...]

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Copper’s Hidden Qualities

Copper stills are gorgeous pieces of human technology.  This beautiful metal has wonderful malleable qualities because of the structure of the atoms within it, enabling to it to be easily fashioned into desired shapes.  In addition to its awesome thermal conductivity, I found out the reason copper is used is that it also has the [...]

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Warm Copper Glows in Winter

If cooking is a passion, choosing the oven in your kitchen is a big deal.  Baked items whether mains, deserts, snacks or sweet or savoury, your confidence in the outcome is based on how reliable the oven is and your familiarity using it.  The same analogy can be drawn when choosing a still.  However stills [...]

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Cultural Terroir and Barrel Storage

Little did we know when we moved to Goolwa 22 years ago how well situated it would be for whisky production and barrel aging.  The great southern ocean moderates temperature and compared to Adelaide we always have fewer days of extremely hot weather. Overall this last summer for us was a cooler, wetter one.  The [...]

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The Art of Blending

The Rubicon is our second release and is best described as a lightly peated, port-barrel single malt.  'Why the Rubicon?' I hear you ask.  Well let me tell you a little story.... In 2004 we began our business as a microbrewery.  We began to explore whisky production in 2009 and have gradually moved into distilling [...]

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