Saying goodbye to mashing in with our stainless steel paddle signals the end of an era. For thirteen years our grain has been stirred in by hand on brew day, majority of those by Brewer Pete. Instead, perched on the mash tun, is a geared motor powering a stainless steel agitator.

After thirteen years of brew days the mash paddle can now retire.

Mark from Burns Welding & Fabrication drove over from Griffith NSW and fitted the agitator he had designed specifically for our mash tun. One of Mark’s great strengths in design of equipment is that, also being a brewer and distiller himself for his own distillery, he has inside understanding of what is needed to improve work flow in different areas.

Mark bolting the gear box in place before attaching the motor.
Using a trusty car jack to adjusting the height level of the agitator inside the mash tun.

Mechanising this aspect of a brew day eases the heavier load of not only mashing in but also shovelling out heavy wet grain. Instigating changes like this wherever possible, in a small distillery like ours, improves efficiencies and has a flow on effect on production levels.

Thanks for all your work Mark!