Brew House 101

Three weeks in to learning the brewing and distillation process and I think I am slowly getting a headset on the brew day.  In the process of brew learning 101, I have three important tips for working with hoses: Spanners are very handy to loosen off hoses attached by blokes. Heat proof gloves are a [...]

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My Whisky Valentine

It's Valentine’s Day and you will never guess what I received… drum roll please… a Le Nez Du Whisky kit!!! Now for those of you who (like me) are still wondering on earth it is, Le Nez produce a range of aroma kits.  These tiny little bottles hold different scents to help identify qualities and [...]

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The Journey Begins

Well pilgrims, the journey began with a day in the brew house and mashing in.  It was like standing on a step ladder in a giant’s kitchen, stirring thick heavy porridge.  A sauna while getting a great upper body and arm work out – my biceps are much more toned 😉 Pete (brewer extraordinaire) and [...]

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