The closures and quieter weeks have also had benefits in being able to tackle and complete projects with less distractions.  Fleurieu Distillery’s chief cook and bottle washer created a new ‘toy’ for us.

This twelve head bottle washer is the latest innovation from the ingenuity of one Gareth Andrews and his programming and plumbing prowess.  As with all things of worth, it is all the unseen work that creates ease of use.  This washer channels single use filtered water through these nozzles and is programmed to pre-rinse bottles.  Pop your 12 bottles on and if you need to walk away to other jobs –  no problem.  Once the rinse cycle has finished the program automatically turns things off.  It is so easy to operate that our kids are able to run it!

Filtered water in through the plumbing system.

Custom made jet nozzles to ensure the spray will clear and clean bottles.

Drilling to create a platform to hold and clean twelve bottles at a time.

Programing almost done…

When all bottle washing is finished and you want to store it water free – connect the air compressor and blow all hoses and nozzles clear of droplets.

Earlier this month we had a chance to test drive with our last bottling run. It was a family effort with our gorgeous  boys taking turns at the bottle washing and capping end of the line.  The team all agreed it was simple to use and worked well with the bottle filler.  Just awesome – thanks to Gareth and the enthusiastic boys who helped out!

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