It seems only fitting we begin the Barrels of Gratitude with Seb Costello.

Making any Australian based spirit in an emerging industry is one thing. To connect in authentic way with your audience in another.  Having someone someone brave enough to focus their whole business solely on Australian spirits in this sort of environment and promote local is totally amazing.

Seb was our initial contact and connector.  He introduced Fleurieu to other bars and the welcoming community of Melbourne whisky people.  For your commitment to Australian distillers and the telling of authentic story, we are truly grateful Seb.

It was Seb who first invited Fleurieu to Melbourne to showcase our single malts to other bar owners.

It was Seb who arranged for Gareth to do our first ever whisky presentations at Bad Frankie.

It was Seb who personally sat with me, a relative novice, one evening and took me through my very first Australian whisky tasting and asked me what was my whisky story….

As the founder of Bad Frankie, a bar purely focused on promoting Australian Spirits, we salute you.  Thank you not only for your ongoing support of the emerging small distilleries but a huge thank you for beginning the connections we have made with so many passionate whisky people in Melbourne.

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