Famous couples, Presidents, well known dogs… these are some of the series of named barrels at Fleurieu Distillery.  The reason for this is threefold:

1. It is a huge amount of fun!
2. The name is an indicator of the type or size of barrel.
3. It is much easier to find a name than a number when having to get samples or rotate barrels.

The Barrels of Gratitude are a new series of names focusing on those who have impacted or influenced us in a personal way.

Over the coming weeks we’ll share the significance of the new names with you and a little of how these wonderful people have made a difference for us at Fleurieu Distillery. At each barrel’s individual maturation, a bottle will be sent to the individual it was named after as a personal thanks from us.

To everyone on our gratitude list – this is our way to celebrate you!

Stay tuned… Barrel 1 to be revealed tomorrow ❤️

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