In our ‘Barrels of Gratitude’ series we are highlighting people who have made an impact on our business and more particularly on our personal whisky journey. Today we are celebrating Kelvin Low and Yao Wong. Cheers guys!

Gareth met Kelvin Low after his first trade presentation at Bad Frankie (Thanks again Seb!).  Afterwards Kelvin was kind enough to offer him a lift to the amazing bar called the Elysian…

The world of whisky beyond our shores is vast.  It can be confusing on where to begin or even what pathway to take to expand your understanding and appreciation.  For those of you who have visited the Elysian you’d know the brilliance of the whisky aficionados behind the bar.  Kelvin and Yao have wowed us every time we have visited Melbourne with what they’ve had on offer.  Their style, background knowledge and expertise in expanding our whisky knowledge and palate with rare bottlings from across the world has been enormously appreciated.  Subsequent revisits have allowed us to ask them a myriad of questions on all sorts of aspects of the whisky scene not only in Australia but on a global scale.

Kelvin & Yao thank you for the way you carefully curate your whisky offerings for an Australian audience.  You are both an amazing sources of information.  We can’t wait to return, gain new insights and immerse ourselves in your wonderful hospitality.  Thank you!

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