Not enough can be said about the skills of lateral thinking and problem solving. In life, solutions are not always apparent initially. The ability to be able to tackle and wrestle issues as they arise and come up with workable solutions is certainly a strength.

Soooo… what do you do when a much larger still than your current one arrives and you need to assemble it, without using the standard means of lifting heavy objects such as a block and tackle or cranes?

Solution: a lot of creative thinking and problem solving!

In our heritage building, the installation of the new still has had to take into account many considerations beginning with floor preparation through to the logistics of still assembly. The last two months has been all about solving those tricky issues. The photos below provide a small glimpse into what has been planned and built over the last few months to be able to begin putting the newest still together.

This cleverly designed MDF panel allows the neck once it has ‘landed’ on top of the still to be swiveled into the perfect position for being bolted onto the pot. Once used it can be cut and removed through the man way door.

A wooden railway constructed in two parts to deliver the neck of the still safely. The first section sits on pallet carried by the forklift the second ontop of the still.

A hold your breath moment!

The trolley that the neck is resting on leaves the fork lift and is guided by ropes along to the pot of the still.

We have contact! The beautiful copper swan neck is swivelled until it sits perfectly on top.

The first piece in place!

Connecting the pieces took a day to secure the neck and remove all supports.

Attaching the neck has been an exciting first step. This experience has reinforced for me how critical planning, logistics, teamwork and communication were to success. However with the energy and focus it takes to achieve vision and goals, I would encourage those of you who are in similar situations to remember to celebrate every success with those you love.

For what is life without these moments!