The words in this title certainly rang true for me on my last trip to Melbourne.  Over the last 2 years I have been able to immerse myself in a different industry and have a more hands on role in our Distillery. Stepping back from a long term career in teaching and doing something so totally different, has been rewarding in many ways. The final choice and weighing up the decision of what what direction to take for my professional life and our family life in the future has taken a while.

It is in unexpected places you find your answers. In a small French cafe in the heart of the Melbourne CBD – I found clarity. I made the final decision to resign from my teaching position and continue work in our family business and learning in distilling.

Thank you to the guys at Cafe Biscotti for the beautiful breakfast and the pot of tea. It gave me the space and time to compose a letter of resignation to move into 2019 continuing to grow a different future without hanging onto the past.