Long hours, ingenuity and sore knees have paid off! The building of an overlaying floor in preparation for the new still was completed just before the Christmas/New Year and tourist holiday season began.

Our current still ‘Whisky Kisses’

Our long awaited still ‘The Fountain of Youth’ was ready for shipment just prior to Christmas. Its dimensions are roughly three times larger than our current pot still ‘Whisky Kisses’. What this will mean is that the larger one will become our low wines still that will deal with the very first distillation of wash from the brew house and ‘Whisky Kisses’ (the smaller pot still) will become the spirit still and deal exclusively with the second distillation to produce new make spirit.

Being in a heritage railway goods shed our distillery and brewing equipment has had to be installed on protective floors to preserve the integrity of the building we work in. Moving existing equipment, re-purposing and upgrading other equipment in preparation for the changes has been our key focus the last 8 weeks.

Ingenuity in moving large heavy pieces of equipment such as tanks with cleverly built skateboards, a hand trolley and car jack has meant Gareth and I have been able to do these jobs safely with just the two of us. Towards the end of the project Gareth was able to complete the moving of the largest tanks on his own.

Early in the morning on January 8 (btw – also the date of our 24th wedding anniversary – how cool is that!!) the pot of the new still was delivered. Significant because this still carries with it the essence of our logo – a celebration of what is our small family…

I have no words for this moment…

It is now in its place (with alot of planning and effort!) and the pot is awaiting the crowning glory of the neck and the line arm. In the meantime, I have to share these two photos with you to show the effort that goes into the planning, building and placement of what seems to be beautifully seamless pieces of equipment.

The happy Gareth…
…this is how he REALLY feels!

Thank you to all of you who have visited us during this construction phase both for your patience on the restricted space within cellar door and your encouragement! It continues to be a journey,

Ange xxx