Some have stories to tell at the beginning… others have stories to tell at the end.

My grandfather Alex Sinclair and I in Goroka in 1972.

River’s End bottle number one’s story will now always be entwined with past and present.  A little over a week ago this international award winning whisky left Australian shores to journey to the Papua New Guinean highlands to accompany James Marsh, Matthew Barham, Patrick Cape, Rory Coyle and Will Laurantus to retrace Australian soldiers’ steps on the Kokoda Track.  It was a small offering to send with them and a personal way for us to remember my grandfather’s time as a medic on Kodoka and his decision return to live and work in PNG  after the war.

Fellow AWAS member James Marsh and his friends are now nearing their journey’s end.  Their goal of conquering Kokoda I am sure is now well within their sights today!  The team will very soon conclude their journey at Ower’s Corner and then on Wednesday go on to commemorate ANZAC day at a service at the Bomana War Cemetery.

The 96 km Kokoda track is incredibly rugged.  The difficult jungle terrain consists of treacherous mountain inclines that then descend into deep valleys.  In humid tropical climate and heavy downpours of rain, traversing this landscape tests stamina, is emotionally life changing with its links to the past and creates unforgettable experiences with friends here in the present.  We are hoping River’s End may have able to provide some internal massage for sore bodies and although silent, has been a memorable companion on their journey.

James Marsh, Matthew Barham, Patrick Cape, Rory Coyle and Will Laurantus

Here’s to sharing a glass in remembrance and creating memories with those now present in our lives as we all strive to live a life less ordinary!

PS:  If you would like to contribute in some way to the team’s goal to support Australian service men and women through Soldier On, follow the link provided here in Conquering Kokoda.