Barrels Galore

Yay, it's holiday time!  My beautiful boys are home with me for the next fortnight with no routines and outside demands.  We love this time together.  It is a great time to reflect and rejuvenate before we begin the next term’s challenges. (Yes I still am in school year mode!) Just before the holiday began, [...]

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Spirited Reads

For those of you who love to read - these may be of interest.  The books pictured have broadened my understanding in different aspects of the alcohol industry.  Please excuse and ignore the tags throughout – I am still using these as reference points.     Each book is so very different in their perspectives. ‘The Business [...]

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The Art of Blending

The Rubicon is our second release and is best described as a lightly peated, port-barrel single malt.  'Why the Rubicon?' I hear you ask.  Well let me tell you a little story.... In 2004 we began our business as a microbrewery.  We began to explore whisky production in 2009 and have gradually moved into distilling [...]

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