One woman’s journey into whisky…

In recognition of all women who work within the whisky industry – thank you ladies for your pioneering spirit!

Stirring to Agitating

Saying goodbye to mashing in with our stainless steel paddle signals the end of an era. For thirteen years our grain has been stirred in by hand on brew day, majority of those by Brewer Pete. Instead, perched on the mash tun, is a geared motor powering a stainless steel agitator. After thirteen years of brew days the mash paddle can now retire. Mark from Burns Welding & Fabrication drove over from Griffith NSW and [...]

We Have Touch Down!

Hoisting the condenser and securing it into place has been the trickiest part of still assembly. As such it has been nicknamed the "Saturn V". While the condenser may look visually smaller than the pot in size, it is the heaviest piece to lift and place. This is due to the enormous lengths of tubing within the copper cylinder designed to rapidly cool vapours coming from the pot still. The line arm supports were screwed [...]

Up She Rises!

Not enough can be said about the skills of lateral thinking and problem solving. In life, solutions are not always apparent initially. The ability to be able to tackle and wrestle issues as they arise and come up with workable solutions is certainly a strength. Soooo... what do you do when a much larger still than your current one arrives and you need to assemble it, without using the standard means of lifting heavy objects [...]

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