One woman’s journey into whisky…

In recognition of all women who work within the whisky industry – thank you ladies for your pioneering spirit!

Nearing Journey’s End

Some have stories to tell at the beginning... others have stories to tell at the end. My grandfather Alex Sinclair and I in Goroka in 1972. River's End bottle number one's story will now always be entwined with past and present.  A little over a week ago this international award winning whisky left Australian shores to journey to the Papua New Guinean highlands to accompany James Marsh, Matthew Barham, Patrick Cape, Rory Coyle [...]

A Spirited Australian Journey

Kokoda... who in Australia doesn't know the significance of this place? We decided to give away bottle number one of our American Distilling Institute Best International Whisky trophy winner River's End to five adventurous blokes willing to take on the Kokoda challenge.  Whisky was the link for us with these guys.  James Marsh a fellow AWAS member, was searching for Australian whisky recommendations through the Australian Whisky Appreciation Society to take on this momentous journey.  [...]

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When Whisky is Life…

Whisky  is life… and just as life weaves its own unique story, so do the whiskies created by distillers. From cask to bottle, stories of whisky continue to be woven into the lives of many... a gift to mark the birth of a child, coming of age, a wedding, or sharing a glass in remembrance of a loved one lost. The intimacy in the spirit of whisky, in centuries old tradition emotively reaches into lives [...]

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