Today in our ‘Barrels of Gratitude’ series we are celebrating friendships.  The spirit of whisky is so much more than what is bottled.  Whisky celebrates new friendships and friendships that have stood the test of time.  Today these barrels are a celebration of Peter Golotta and Aly Roberts…


Peter Golotta
Design and construction.  Photography.  Two totally different pursuits with one major thing in common.


With this barrel we celebrate an unexpected whisky friendship and a hero for us across disciplines.  Businesses can thrive for all sorts of reasons. Important influences often overlooked are the people beyond the front faces of any business.  With his passion for whisky Peter has walked beside several people (not just us) who have pursued the distillery dream.  This journey is one of ups and downs.  When we have faced our difficulties and our downs, Peter has been there with practical know how, contacts and personal encouragement. In our successes and highlights he has shared our joy.  Thank you Peter for your sense of humour, friendship, understanding, and advice.  You are a legend!

Aly Roberts
Floristry and photography. Two different pursuits with one major thing in common.


How do you capture almost a quarter of a century of positivity? Is that even possible to do?

With this barrel we celebrate a friendship of time. For many years my Irish born friend has been an anchor point in the changing landscape of our family and business life.  Through highs and lows Aly has been in our corner of the world.  This beautiful passionate woman has supported, encouraged and rolled up her sleeves to help out where ever she could.  For this… and so many other things there are not enough words.  Aly, thank you for all your energy, love, and dedication to helping us pursue our whisky dreams.  Thank you!

PS …and if you are truly blessed, you may even get to meet her at cellar door.

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