Diversity and balance in any industry is important for its success.  The distilling industry while still in its infancy within Australia is changing rapidly. In the next two years many more distilleries will come on line in production of a range of spirits including vodka, gin, whisky and rum.  As distilleries increase so too will the diversity of distillers and associated industry partners.

In recent years there has been a rise in the number of Australian women becoming involved in the Spirits industry in a variety of roles particularly in the field of distillation.  As business owners and distillers, Kristy Booth Lark of Killara Distillery and Genise Hollingworth from Black Gate are well aware of the changes.  They passionately believe in the value of supporting and encouraging women in what is still a predominantly male field as such were motivated to establish the Australian Women in Distilling Association  to also increase women’s awareness of potential career paths in the industry.

The ideals written in the AWDA’s statement of purpose is admirable. It seeks to support, promote, encourage and celebrate women in the Australian distilling industry.   The Association aims to assist women to pursue excellence in this area and develop professionally through industry networking, education and recognition of achievement.

As someone who has moved from an education field into distilling, I firmly believe strong links and connections made within the industry are invaluable. The sharing of ideas, practises and ongoing professional development builds and improves industry standards.  If you are passionate about distilling and want any further information on the Australian Women in Distilling Association follow the link and contact Kristy or Genise about joining.

During February the first meet and greet for the AWDA will be held in Hobart, Tasmania at Montpelier Retreat.  It will be a terrific opportunity to be able to meet like-minded people and begin building a wider network.  I’m looking forward further meetings in various locations across Australia as we build collegiality and a wider distilling community.