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Barrels of Gratitude #4

Launching into a new venture of any sort invokes different reactions from those around you.  Some openly display doubt, others are cautionary...then there those extraordinary ones who are encouraging and inspirational.  For us, Robert Schrapel from Bethany Wines has been that extraordinary person.  Without him there would not have been a Fleurieu whisky. Robert [...]

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Barrels of Gratitude #3

In our 'Barrels of Gratitude' series we are highlighting people who have made an impact on our business and more particularly on our personal whisky journey. Today we are celebrating Kelvin Low and Yao Wong. Cheers guys! Gareth met Kelvin Low after his first trade presentation at Bad Frankie (Thanks again Seb!).  Afterwards Kelvin was [...]

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Building, testing and a bit of family fun…

The closures and quieter weeks have also had benefits in being able to tackle and complete projects with less distractions.  Fleurieu Distillery’s chief cook and bottle washer created a new ‘toy’ for us. This twelve head bottle washer is the latest innovation from the ingenuity of one Gareth Andrews and his programming and plumbing prowess.  [...]

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Barrels of Gratitude #1

It seems only fitting we begin the Barrels of Gratitude with Seb Costello. Making any Australian based spirit in an emerging industry is one thing. To connect in authentic way with your audience in another.  Having someone someone brave enough to focus their whole business solely on Australian spirits in this sort of environment and [...]

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American Distilling Institute Awards for 2020

In these crazy days of closures and solitude, Fleurieu Distillery received some happy news... The American Distilling Institute Awards for 2020 were able to complete the judging of spirits in this International Competition this year and have announced the results. All three Fleurieu whiskies entered this year were awarded medals. This good news comes amidst [...]

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Husk: From paddock to bottle

Each year the Australian Distillers' Association hold its national conference in a different location around Australia.  It consists of two full days and a great deal of fun.  One day is usually dedicated to developing professional knowledge and keeping abreast of new industry developments and practices, while the second day is an exploration day.  Distillers [...]

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Mixing with Distillers!

Taking advantage of being away in a wonderful seaside location, I made sure I was up early enough to enjoy glorious sunrises and beach walks earlier before beginning the days at the Australian Distillers Conference at Mantra on Salt Beach.  This year the Conference was held just across the border of Queensland in northern New [...]

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Marvellous Melbourne!

A massive thank you Melbourne for three fabulous days! Ben Baranow, thank you for inviting Fleurieu Distillery to Whisky & Dreams, it was a fantastic event to be part of. A wonderful venue at Starward and amazing team behind the scenes made it so welcoming for exhibitors and guests. You must be enormously proud. Fleurieu [...]

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