Up She Rises!

Not enough can be said about the skills of lateral thinking and problem solving. In life, solutions are not always apparent initially. The ability to be able to tackle and wrestle issues as they arise and come up with workable solutions is certainly a strength. Soooo... what do you do when a much larger still [...]

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Australian Women In Distilling

Diversity and balance in any industry is important for its success.  The distilling industry while still in its infancy within Australia is changing rapidly. In the next two years many more distilleries will come on line in production of a range of spirits including vodka, gin, whisky and rum.  As distilleries increase so too will [...]

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Brew House 101

Three weeks in to learning the brewing and distillation process and I think I am slowly getting a headset on the brew day.  In the process of brew learning 101, I have three important tips for working with hoses: Spanners are very handy to loosen off hoses attached by blokes. Heat proof gloves are a [...]

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